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Through Festival Church in Chester, we have a link with Sankandi School and Kabula 1 School in Western Zambia. Both of these schools are funded and supported by the sponsors from South Africa, America, Sweden and the UK and overseeing the program is Kingsway Educational Initiatives (KEI). See link below


They are passionate about providing a solution for people suffering from hunger, poverty and disease and their aim is to change a generation for Christ through education.

They use the Accelerated Christian Education system in all the schools, issue the children with a set of summer and winter clothing once a year and supply a meal to each child every school day. All educational equipment for both the teachers and the children also come from this sponsorship and staff for these schools is hired from within the community.


The focus of the Pre School is as follows:

Empowering local community leaders and parents to value education and take ownership of the community's future, through the education of the current generation.

Providing academic stimulation and encouraging a focus on the developmental milestones of early childhood development. Providing basic life stills training in areas such as basic, daily hygiene. Providing a daily meal to children in school, as for most children, this is the only meal they have for the day. Encouraging parent support and commitment of the school. Offering, at least, a basic education to young learners.

In October 2018, Mrs Fabby was fortunate enough to be able to go and visit the schools in Zambia. She went with a team of 15 people in total from churches in North Wales and Chester and South Africa. It Took Mrs Fabby 4 days of travelling to reach the schools, where she then spent 3 days, meeting the staff and children of both schools. Visiting a local church and meeting other villagers who also want schools for their children.

From December 2017, when we first became involved with this project, we have raised over £600 for the Zambian children. This money has been used to buy flip flops and hats for them, both much needed in a climate that often reaches 50 degrees Celsius in the summer months.





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