Ofsted Report

Dear Parents,

As Governors we acknowledge the OFSTED report received and are pleased to recognise the key strengths highlighted by the report, notably that the pupils are happy, behave well, enjoy coming to school and feel safe; make strong progress in reading, writing and phonics reaching high standards by the time they leave the school.

The outcome of the review is that although areas of the school are judged to be ‘good’ the overall effectiveness of the school ‘requires improvement.’ As a result of this we are taking steps to further understand the findings whilst also determining the best course of action to address them. In summary the requirements are to:

  • Improve the quality of teaching to accelerate the progress of all pupils; particularly the most able ensuring that the teaching provides further challenge, also that assessment and marking identify clear next steps to move learning on.
  • Improve leadership and management by ensuring that there is a more sharply focussed development plan to raise standards further and a more accurate view of whole school performance in comparison to national standards

In some areas actions are already in place. Following the weaknesses in maths previously identified by the school an additional mathematics teacher has been in place since September 2015. For the other more detailed improvement areas an action plan is being developed with support from the Local Authority and an external review of governance is being planned for a date in the near future. The action plan will be measurable and outcome focussed with regular review undertaken and will be made visible to parents via the school website.

We would like to thank the continued efforts of the staff in making the school such a positive environment for all. We will continue to build on the existing strengths in phonics, reading and writing, the good progress made in the early years and also the supplementing of the pupils learning through the broad and balanced curriculum available.

We would like to thank parents who attended the drop in session to discuss the ofsted report with Leaders and Governors.

Thank you for your ongoing support to the school and its staff.

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