To help you child develop their reading and writing skills, we will have a 20 minute phonic session each day of the week for the children to learn to read and write (in cursive) the letter sounds which are the building blocks for reading and spelling. During the term they also have an individual reading session where they share a book with an adult this session is recorded in their Reading Record Book. We will be letting the children change their reading books on a weekly basis.

We share a story book each day and discuss the story and characters, and the children have free access to the reading corner throughout the day. As confidence builds, some children like to read their own book to the class and get to sit on the teacher's chair to do this.

Around the classroom there are lots of areas set up with writing materials and paper for the children to practice their writing during their play. We encourage any type of mark making and as time goes on we gradually see these marks developing into recognisable words and eventually sentences. We celebrate all attempts at writing to encourage the children to do more! 

Reading together at home is one of the easiest but most important ways in which you can help your child as it supports your child in becoming an effective and confident reader. While you are looking through the picture book ask your child to decribe what they can see and think of possible rhyming words to develop their skills of 'sound knowledge'. 

The link below will allow you to listen to how the sounds are pronounced under the 'Say the Sounds' section: