Class Rules

Over the next few weeks we will be discussing and establishing our rules for our classroom to help guide the children in the right direction and ensure that they co-operate with them by developing their social skills so that everyone is happy and don't feel threatened in any way.

1) Use kind words when talking to each other

2) Keep our hands and feet to ourselves

3) Help each other and be kind to each other

4) Always try our best in everything we do.


If the children follow our class rules they are rewarded with stickers which are placed on their Reward Cards. Once these cards are filled, the children will receive a Reward Certificate.

Any child who has stood out as trying extra hard that week get a special certificate which is presented during our Friday celebration assembly and their photograph is displayed on our Stars of the Week chart.

We also collect 'Friend' badges, as a class, to try and build a badge of ten friends. Once the children have collected 50 badges between them, they earn an afternoon reward.

Your child's Reward Cards have been collected in to be given to their next teacher so they can continue to collect as many as they can in September.