Year 1 & 2 Remote Learning Resources 2020 - 2021

Mr Murphy

Please see the Files section for a range of daily activities covering reading comprehension, maths, writing, and Art, which is this week's foundation subject.  They will be updated each day - all of the tasks available are expected to be completed on the day, where possible.

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Alongside this learning, we expect your child to continue reading at home. You can use any books you have at home or Oxford Owl. This website has a wealth of books at your child's reading level which you can work through. There is also lots of information for you as parents and carers to help support your child through reading and phonics.

We also use Phonics Play in school. On this website you will find many games your child will be familiar with to support their phonics knowledge and learning. Although the website is no longer free, as it was during lockdown, they offer a free 7 day trial, which gives you access to all of the resources and phonics games.  Most children should be able to complete the games at the 'All of Phase 5' setting. If your child is struggling, a mix of Phase 3 and 4 might be more appropriate.

The Letters and Sounds scheme we follow to teach phonics are now doing daily lesson videos. These are great to keep up your child's leanrning in phonics. These videos can be found at:

For extra maths games, we recommend using the Topmarks website. You will find many games for different mathematical topics, we especially recommend 'Hit the Button'. The children are familiar with this game and it supports their learning in times tables, doubling, halving and number bonds.

Please try to access as many if these as possible as the children do enjoy them and they help a great deal.

The videos below are How To guides for Microsoft Teams.  Don't worry about these at the moment, we are not currently using Microsoft Teams.

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