Y5/6: Mrs Ashdown's Class 2018 - 2019

Mrs Ashdown

Welcome to the Autumn Term

Welcome back after our Summer Break. During this Autumn Term we have many exciting topics and projects coming up aswell as getting to know our new classes and sharing our Learning Logs.

What’s happening this term

During this Autumn Term we will be looking at our topic, "Space". This is a really engaging Science topic, looking at Earth and the Solar System. We will be focussing on the planetary bodies and how they all interact with each other to create night/day and the seasons. We will also be looking at prominent scientists and their discoveries.

Geography will be a study of Britain and the rest of the world, looking at major landmarks, map work and locating places.

Spellings will be given out to learn each week and tested on a Monday.

Class Rules

Always show respect to others.

Be organised and prepared.

Take pride in what you do and who you are.

Have a growth mindset.

Develop independent skills.

Always try your best.

Take care of equipment and other people’s property.

Homework will be given out every Wednesday for Literacy but will be group-specific for Numeracy (see your child's planner for details).

We will be having a particular focus on Timestables each week, using 'Timestable Rockstars' to make this a fun and engaging activity. This can be done at home anytime and support in encouraging your child would be appreciated.


Every pupil has been given a Reading Record that is to be used in school and taken home with their chosen reading book. The expectation is that they will read at least three times to themselves out of school and record this in the book. Ideally, at least one of these sessions will be to an adult at home. This encourages your child to read and also gives you chance to see what progress they are making.

Reading Records will be collected in every Friday to be checked. Children completing this successfully will be rewarded with Table Points.


We will be continuing our indoor PE sessions (on a Tuesday) with the focus being on Indoor Athletics & Fitness - our outdoor session (on a Wednesday) will be led by a Sports Coach and will be learning skills through Tag Rugby.

Year 6 will be taking part in Swimming every Tuesday.

There is an expectation that the correct PE kit will be in school on a Monday ready for the week ahead.

Children not in the correct PE kit will not be allowed to take part in the lesson.

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