Y3/4: Mrs Preston's Class 2019 - 2020

Mrs Preston

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What’s happening this term

Autumn Term

Our Topic this term is a History topic all about ancient civilisations, where we will be focusing on Ancient Egypt. 

As an historian I will be:

  • Finding out about important events and life in ancient Egypt.
  • Answering questions about artefacts.
  • Researching the role of a Pharaoh and the importance of the pyramids.
  • Investigating the importance of gods, beliefs and preparations for the after-life.


We start the term with a book called ‘Egyptian Cinderella’ by Shirley Climo which forms the basis of our narrative unit & links to our history topic. We will be exploring the narrative structure alongside the descriptive language used by the author to bring the characters and settings to life. This analysis along with specific grammar and punctuation focuses will enable the children to plan and edit their own writing based on the story.


After that we will be looking at poetry to perform where we will explore features such as repetition, rhyme, rhythm and alliteration.



As a scientist I will be investigating:

  • The 3 different states of matter: solid, liquid and gas
  • How materials change state at different temperatures
  • The processes of evaporation and condensation
  • The process of the water cycle

Follow our Class Rules for a happy and safe classroom.

Be honest

Have a positive attitude

Be respectful to people and equipment

Be considerate of others

Be the best versions of ourselves

Have fun by finding creative and enjoyable ways to learn




Literacy and Numeracy homework is given out every Thursday and needs to be completed and handed in on the following Monday.

A list of spellings are sent home at the start of each half-term and the children have a spelling test each Monday on the selected words for that week.

Children will also bring home a Learning Log which will have a set task which will take longer to complete. They will have a choice on how to complete the task and they will usually be given out at the start of a half term or as holiday homework.


With reading being such an important part of every child's learning, we are really encouraging all pupils to read as much as possible out of school as well as during the school day.

All children have reading books and new reading record books to show when they are reading - which is ideally every day!

To motivate all readers, the reading records are checked regularly and get entry into a lucky dip prize draw each time they read 3 times (3 times is the minimum we expect a week). Children are able to change their reading books at different times of the day but have to take responsibility to change their books when they know they need to. In the juniors the children read as part of a group once a week with their teacher as part of guided reading session as well as have independent reading time.


We have 2  PE sessions this term.

On Monday afternoons we will  have an indoor PE session of Gymnastics.

On Wednesday afternoons we will have an outdoor session with a sports coach, focusing on Basketball.

Full PE kit should always be in school during the week; (white shorts, navy t-shirt, trainers, socks, a hair bobble for girls). PLUS please ensure all kit is clearly labelled.As it is getting cokder the children may want to bring something to cover their legs and outdoor trainers.

Also as part of our Physical Education programme, Year 3/4 children will be taking art in Cross country athletics every week (weather permitting).



2.9.19 Welcome back everyone! I'm relly looking forward to getting started inYear 3/4 and I hope the children have all had a really enjoyable break.

9.9.19 The children have had a fantastic week and I am proud at how well they settled straight back into work!

16.9.19 We are enjoying learning about our topic and the children should be bringing home a Learning Log shortly to carryout their own research project.

Remember to bring in a water bottle every day (even through the winter).

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