Y3/4: Mrs Humphrey's Class 2018 - 2019

Miss Humphreys


Our History Topic: The Romans


https://www.youngwriters.co.uk/images/resources/themed-packs/teacher-resources-romans.pngWe shall be looking at:

  •  The beginnings and expansion of the Empire: Children explore when in history Rome was founded and how the Empire expanded over a period of time. They will use maps to locate the countries in the Empire. 
  •  Invading Britain: Children learn about the Roman invasion of Britain, exploring the clothes and life of a Roman soldier. They learn about Queen Boudicca and the resistance to the Romans in Celtic Britain. They go on to explore changes to Britain as a result of the Roman invasion.
  • Ancient Rome: Children explore aspects of life in Ancient Rome, including, their art / homes / buildings / Gods / social hierarchy / heating /family life / education / food / slavery, entertainment / gladiators / chariots / travel / roads / baths / hygiene / aqueducts.


Being fortunate enough to live in a city with a genuine Roman heritage gives the children a great opportunity to find out more about Roman life first hand. We are planning to visit some of the Roman sites that remain today.


Here are some child friendly links for you to enjoy exploring:

(Videos>>>) http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/topics/zwmpfg8



Here is a link to some Roman inspired craft / food technology ideas you may enjoy doing together at home:






We start the year by establishing key skills in handwriting, presentation and spelling accuracy through a piece of work about the children’s holidays or a hobby.

Afterwards, we explore a book called ‘Escape from Pompeii’ that links to our history topic. We will examine the descriptive language used by the author to bring the characters and setting to life as well as covering specific aspects of grammar and punctuation.

Then we will be looking at poetry that creates images through figurative language including similes and metaphors. The children will contribute to group poems and write their own.



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With reading being such an important part of every child's learning, we are really encouraging all pupils to read as much as possible out of school as well as during the school day. All children have reading books and new reading record books to show when they are reading, which is ideally in school every day! To motivate all readers, the reading records are checked regularly and children receive a sticker for every 3 separate reading sessions at home which go towards our class reward system.

Reading records get checked every Friday. If a child hasn't read at least 3 times (ideally one of these times is to be read aloud to an adult), there will need to catch up during Golden Time on a Friday.

Children are able to change their reading books at different times of the day but have to take responsibility to change their books when they know they need to. In the Juniors, the children read as part of a group once a week with their teacher as part of guided reading session as well as have independent reading time.



The children will be begin by comparing and ordering numbers up to 1000 and counting up in multiples of e.g. 50. They will then move on to solve both mental and written addition / subtraction problems (for 2 and 3 digit numbers) using efficient strategies. They will also be taught ways to check their work by e.g. rounding and estimating.

There will be a BIG focus on learning times tables: plenty of practise and lots of encouragement and support at home is much appreciated.

By the end of Year Three, the children are expected to know their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables alongside their corresponding division facts. 

By the end of Year Four, the children are expected to  know all of the multiplication facts upto 12x12 and the corresponding division facts.

Why don't you start practicing for just a few minutes each night? You'll be amazed by how quick you will become at them!

Here are some fun links, full of lots of times-table games:





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image demonstrating the spark of electricity

We will be learning how to be safe with electricty; where it comes from; how it is stored and measured; building and drawing electrical circuits in addition to making predictions and writing conclusions. 



For this first half of the Autumn Term, we have indoor PE on a Monday afternoon. We are lucky enough to have a gymnastics coach for sessions! Our outdoor PE session is on a Thursday afternoon where we will be playing Tag Rugby. 

With it turning colder now, the children can bring warmer PE clothes e.g. jumpers, jogging bottoms and gloves. Trainers are always much safer than pumps when the children run around. Please also ensure that girls have a bobble to tie back their hair. 

Full PE kit should always be in school during the week; (white shorts, navy t-shirt, trainers, socks, hair bobble (girls) and tracksuit trousers/top—for cold weather). Please ensure all kit is clearly labelled.



Homework is given out on a Thursday for both Numeracy and Literacy. This is to be completed and handed in on Monday mornings. If for any reason this can't be done, please inform your class teacher with a brief note.

There will be:

-Grammar homework

-Maths homework

-Spelling homework (Tested on a Monday)


Here's a poetry competition you may want to enter


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