Y1/2: Mr Murphy's Class 2018 - 2019

Mr Murphy


Welcome back!

Welcome back to school, everybody!  I hope each of you had a lovely Christmas, spending time with your respective families and getting plenty of rest as well.  We are now into our Spring term and what a term it will be!  We have so much planned, including being TV chefs and even making a trip to Pizza Express!  How about that?!


What's On?

Much of this term is going to be linked to our Science topic, Healthy Me.  

In science, specifically, we will be looking at different ways in which we stay healthy, including eating healthily, maintaining good hygeine, getting regular exercise and maintaining a healthy mind.

We will also be learning about this topic in PSHE as well as D&T, during which we will be designing our own healthy and nutritionally balanced pizzas.


Class Rules

Work hard

Try your best

Remember your manners

Be nice to people



The children will have ime to settle in to Key Stage 1 life before we start giving out homework.  When we do, it will follow the schedule below.

Homework will be given out on a Monday and will include spellings, which will be based on the sounds and spelling patterns that they are learning or recapping in their phonics group, as well as maths, given out by their respective maths teachers.  It is due in on or before the following Monday.

It is important that your child completes their homework, and does so on time, not just to reinforce and support the work being done in class but to promote and develop their independence and responsibility.  



I can't stress how central reading is to everything we do in school.  If there is a Holy Grail for helping your child in school, it will have a little note in it, which will say to sell the Grail and just read with them instead.  Picture books, novels, comics, annuals, video game manuals, diaries, magazines - anything!  Whether it is reading with them, reading to them or having them read to you, daily/nightly reading is utterly invaluable.  Anything from a quick 5 minutes after eating to a yawn-filled, comfortable 20 minutes before bed - just read, read and read.

The children will change their own books each day and can do so in the morning when they come in or before hometime.  Of course, they can change them at any other time if they ask to do so.  It is generally a good idea to remind them to change their book if they need to as they come in in the morning.  An adult will not change their book for them other than as a one-off.  It is the children's responsibility to change their book.

PS. Please make a note every time children do read with you in their reading record as we celebrate different milestones and it would be a shame for children to put effort into their reading but not be recognised for it in our year group celebration assemblies.  Even if it's just a very brief signature and page number; it's better than nothing.



On a Thursday afternoon, we will have football skills outside, for which the children may, if needed, bring a pair of longer tracksuit bottoms/joggers and a light jacket as the temperature starts falling.

On Monday afternoons, we will have multiskills/indoor athletics with our sports coach.  The children do not need trainers for this, however, if they have any, it is perfectly fine for them to wear these instead of their pumps for Monday PE.  They may well be more comfortable for running about in in the hall!

Please ensure that any long hair is tied back on PE days and earrings are not worn as they could well get caught on equipment and then lead to a rather unpleasant situation for the child!


Our Adults

Mr Murphy will be in class every day apart from Thursdsay morning, which is his PPA time.  During that time, Mrs Ramsden will be teaching us Literacy and Maths.  In every three week cycle, we will have Mrs Bloomfield to help us during Literacy for one of the weeks and Mrs Allason to help us during Literacy for one of the other weeks.  One week in every three will be Mr Murphy only.


Useful websites

Have a look on the NHS's Change4Life website - it's full of great ideas on how to improve your diet and make little changes to improve your health Head over to https://www.nhs.uk/change4life or just click the healtyh eating picture at the top of the page!

Encourage your child to learn a language for free at www.duolingo.com

Take them along to one of the many regular events at Chester Library! https://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/residents/libraries/find-a-library/chester-library/chester-library-at-storyhouse.aspx

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