Y1/2: Mr Murphy 2020 - 2021

Mr Murphy

Half Term Activities

~ POEMS: In school this week, we have written Autumn Poems and are sending them home to be read and rehearsed for a poetry festival on the first Monday back after half term. Please practise these with your child, using expression and maybe even some actions. If they could learn them off by heart too, that would be great.

~ PHONICS: We have added some phonic fun activities below for your children to have a go at. We would love them to practise reading real and nonsense words, they could show you how to use their 'reading robot' and 'sound buttons', in order to do this. They can also have a go at some of the free activities on www.phonicsplay.co.uk to progress their segmenting and blending skills.  (If you are not sure on pronunciation of sounds, more information can be found on www.oxfordphonicschecksupport.co.uk or lettersandsounds.org.uk)

~ READING: A new book will be sent home to read over half term and you can top up with the reading of further books on www.oxfordowl.co.uk. This reading book can be returned on the first Monday back after half term. 

Enjoy your break

We look forward to seeing you after half term!

Welcome back to school! It's been a funny old year so far but we are looking forward to welcoming you all back to school. Things might look a little bit different but the teachers are still the same! We want to stay happy, healthy and safe and enjoy our new learning this year.


Our new topic this term is The Great Fire of London. We already had a little insight into what happened back in the Summer term, so we will continue with this. We will look at when the fire started, how it was started, how it spread, how it was put out and how London changed following the fire.


We are still to make a decision as a school as to whether we will be sending books home due to Covid-19 restrictions. Until we make these decisions, we recommend using 


Here you will find books grouped by the different colours accourding to your child's reading level. No reading records need filling in at present. We will inform you when we need to start this again.


We will be doing Multiskills, running and fitness sessions this term.

We will be doing this each Monday and Friday.

On these days you can attend school in your PE kit. Please come dressed for the weather as we will be outside. You can wear your white shorts and navy PE t-shirt but, if it is a cooler day, you could wear tracksuit bottoms or leggings with your school sweatshirt.


At present, no homework will be sent home. We will be reviewing our homework policy in the near future and will update you of any changes.

Water Bottles

Remember you need a full water bottle every day and we will send them home every night for a wash and refill.


Your child will need a coat in school at all times as we will be doing as much as we can outside.

No bags, apart from lunch bags, are needed in school at present.



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