Reception: Mrs Ramsden's and Miss Jones's Classes 2020 - 2021

Mrs Ramsden

Happy New Year and welcome back to some and welcome to home learning for others. 

Home Learners

From Monday 11th January we will begin using Microsoft Teams, you will have received an email with your child's log on details. This will include direct teaching from one of our Reception teachers. Lessons will be scheduled to start at 9.30am each day. There will be 3 sessions - 9.30am, 11.00am and 1.00pm where your child will be taught the input to the lesson and have access to assignments that link to that lesson, so try your log on in the next few days to ensure it works. Let us know in school if you have any problems. 

Our topic this half term is Chinese New Year.

The children will be learning all about a different culture and how Chinese New Year is celebrated across the world.

PE days have changed to Tuesday and Wednesday for this Spring term. If you are home learning then on Tuesday and Wednesday I would recommend you log on to Joe Wicks TV and access his PE with Joe Wicks lessons. 

As we are starting back in such cold weather can you ensure your child has warm coat, plus hats and gloves as we will still be doing some outdoor learning throughout the week.

Reading at home during Covid

Please try to keep reading going at home as much as possible. I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep up the reading to ensure they don't loose the skills they have started to gain in the Autumn term.  

The Oxford Owl website has a brilliant range of levelled books that you can use to read with your child when you have no reading books at home. Your child is currently reading pink books at home. This should be an easy read before you try the next reading colour which is red. Do not try different colours too quickly as the children need to build up confidence and practise with an easy read. As they progress a little bit of challenge on a book is OK as long as they are still engaged. It is not just about reading the words though, they need to understand what they have read. 

Ask questions about each page they read, eg, what did the cat sit on? Why did the boy do that?

Children progress at different rates in their own time so try not to compare your child to anyone else. 



Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday and on those days at the moment your child should come into school wearing their PE kit.  PE kits consistes of white shorts, blue school T-shirt and pumps or trainers, but please try to avoid lace up trainers unless your child is already able to tie them independently. If it is cooler your child can also wear their school jumper. 

Your child will need:

A water bottle which will be provided (in September) and will need to be brought to school everyday filled with water only. We are unable to provide cups at the moment.

Sunhat / raincoat depending on the weather and if it is sunny please put suncream on your child before they come to school as we are unable to put it on for them. 

You can send a pair of wellies into school which can stay on our wellie rack if you would like to. Please make sure these are named. If you don't have spare wellies then please ensure on wet days your child comes to school in wellies as we try to go outside everyday and wellies allow the children more freedom to play when it's wet. 


Please label evey item of uniform your child comes to school in, especially cardigans and jumpers and check regularly as they often fade in the wash if it has been written on in pen. Please include coats and shoes in your labeling as the children often have the same ones as a friend. 


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