Reception: Miss Ward and Mr Jarvis' Classes 2018 - 2019

Miss Ward

Welcome to the Summer Term

Welcome back! During this Summer Term we will be looking Minibeasts and Living Things

What’s happening this term

We have been asking the children about what they would like to find out about during our ‘Mini beast and Living Things’ topic this term. They suggested some really interesting and wonderful ideas for activities this term.

The children have decided they would like to find out about farm animals, particularly chickens so we have a special arrival of eggs for us to watch hatch and grow for a week. Whilst our chicks eggs are at school we will be reading non-fiction books and learning about the life cycle of a chick. We will visit a farm and learn how to milk a cow, feed lambs, watch pigs race and ride on a tractor. In addition to this we will be finding out about where our food comes from before it reaches the supermarket and how to make sure we have a balanced diet. We will read about growing food too whilst reading a range of non-fiction and fiction books including Jasper’s Beanstalk.

The children really wanted a science role play area so we have set up a mini beast investigation area. The children will be able to look closely at mini beats that they have found in our outside area as well as in our wormery and caterpillar net. We will be reading books about the life cycle of caterpillars such as The Hungry Caterpillar whilst learning the days of the week and about healthy eating.

We will continue to prepare your child for Year 1 by encouraging them to be independent within school. Please continue to update us on your child’s learning at home by writing in their All About Me book. We love hearing about your child’s achievements and celebrating them with yourselves.

Class Rules

  • Listen to each other
  • Put your hand up and don’t shout out
  • Treat each other with respect
  • Take care of the school and its equipment
  • Try your best at all times


Brown Bags

Thank you to all the parents that took part in collecting memories during the holiday in your child's brown bag. We enjoyed listening to their memories duirng our small group snack times.


Class News

  • We have four caterpillars that are rapidly growing in our classroom. I wonder what will happen next! We have been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and looking at non-fiction books about various minibeast's life cycles. 
  • We have started joining KS1 for playtime as part of transition to Year 1.
  • This term we will be practising a range of sports and games ready for Sports Day in the latter part of the term. 
  • The children have the opportunity to change their book daily or as frequently as they need to. 

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